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I'm stoked that you want to get in touch with Laundry Echo (hopefully that means I'm doing something right). 

When getting in touch please keep in mind that Laundry Echo is a passion project, currently run by one person (me, Dave McCarthy) who works full time, freelances and balances various other passion projects with creating content for Laundry Echo.

Say hello before you subscribe me to any lists, I love meeting new people and in all likelihood I'll be more likely to write an article based on a relationship rather than a press release. 

As of March 2018, Laundry Echo is pledged to provide a more diverse platform for artists. Content on Laundry Echo will be maintained at a 50:50 or better ratio of artists with non-male representation balanced with male artists. 

Laundry Echo does not currently have the capacity to take international music submissions.

If you still want to get in touch... Awesome! 

Email me...