On The Road With: Carb on Carb

On The Road With: Carb on Carb

Halfway through their For Ages album tour, we open James Stuteley's tour diary to see the carb on carb drummer's highlights, count coffees and catch some tips for life on the road.  

Day 1 - Adelaide

Got up early (3.30am Adelaide time) to catch our flight. Got in, spent the afternoon napping with the local dog. Had Midnight Spaghetti (upstairs from the Cranka, half price for bands playing!) for dinner. A bit delirious at this point so hopefully we weren’t too unfunny on stage. Colourblind (https://colourblindadl.bandcamp.com/ ) were a standout - pretty keen to hear their recorded-but-not-yet-released EP. Always feel good about coming to Adelaide - the crew there are so welcoming and chill and the Cranka is great to deal with.

Host #1: Bec Stevens (https://www.facebook.com/becstevensmusic)

Until this one, we’d never played in Adelaide without Bec. Have always found her performances really arresting and honest, she’s great at creating a vulnerable space which is something I have mad respect for.

House #1
Very clean shower, ample supply of leopard print duct tape, A+ would stay again.

Coffee count: 7


Day 2 - Melbourne

Started the day off with a classic Melbourne moment - people have been telling us to play at The Tote for years so we finally do, then the first friend I talk to about coming says they hate the place. I was excited to go so I could understand more of the spicy aussie underground music memes. Listen (https://www.facebook.com/australiamusiclisten/ ) ran the show for us, very grateful, they do great work. Our new friends from the Auckland Camp Cope show Lexxa opened - it was their first international show and they did well especially with technical challenges. Hot to Rot (https://www.facebook.com/HotToRot/ ) on second, such a blast, drummer had really spread out drums, stressful but also satisfying to watch. June Jones (https://www.facebook.com/junejonesbandpage/ ) last, and she really captured the audience. Started the show with a really long, slow, sad song and then somehow smoothly evolved to a borderline comedy set by the end. Again, so good at transforming a space.

Host #2: Jess Locke band

Have spent a lot of time at this house and always heartwarming. Anyone who’s talked to me about Jess Locke knows I have a powerful soft spot for Drive to Drink (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bvf4S8ATQuk), such a relaxing banger.

House #2:

Concerning lack of dog upon checkin, problem later resolved with hosts with the arrival of a black lab called ‘Turtle-Man’.

Coffee count: 6



Day 3 - Canberra

Spent the morning mucking around some cafes Melbourne style. Flew to Canberra (Tip: Tiger still let you carry on guitars in soft cases). Au Lac for dinner - one of the best Laksas I’ve ever had. Just love playing in Canberra eh. #1 best crowds in Aus. So stoked to finally play with Zen Haircuts (https://zenhaircuts.bandcamp.com/), one of my new favourite Australian bands.

Hosts #3: Lacklustre

Very kind crew who have been putting on reliably great house shows here for a few years. This show was their 2nd to last though. Fair enough, happy to have enjoyed a few shows here and been a part of it. They’re selling of a bunch of records at bargain prices before they move out too btw! (https://lacklustrerecords.bandcamp.com/merch)

House #3

No animals, but sparkling water on tap and included a valet service from the airport and free food delivery. Hard to beat. Have always wondered why they have the windows open all the time even in winter though?

Coffee Count: 4


Day 4 - Sydney

Had breakfast and drove up to Sydney with Zen Haircuts. Was really nice getting to know them. Tried Pastizzis (sp?) for the first time (thats a yes from us). Walked the local dog, she ran off after the guy walking his miniature horse, fair enough i was pretty surprised too. Show was a biggie in celebration of Blackwire. Canine played a phenomenal set (of course), even more impressive considering they wore dog masks for the first few songs (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AGFQUeo2ULs). Last show of the trip, love Blackwire for ever.

Host #4: Blasko

This pup is a pretty loose unit, keen to party any time of day. Sat on my face a couple times when I was trying to go to sleep though, not exactly good manners but I forgive her.

House #4

Unlimited pastizzis, what more is there to say?

Coffee count: 7

carb on carb's For Ages tour continues this July with shows in Brisbane, a date in Sydney and of course Canberra.  

Catch all the details you will need for the tour right here. 

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PREMIERE: Pemberton – Tendencies

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