PREMIERE: Cry Club - Walk Away

PREMIERE: Cry Club - Walk Away

Plug in your headphones, find plenty of spare room and get ready to dance. Cry Club are your new favourite band and they've just dropped their ridiculously brilliant debut single Walk Away

If you've been on the internet in the last few months, you'd of heard of Wollongong duo Cry Club. With no music out until just last night, Cry Club, have landed themselves spots on festivals such as BIGSOUND and Yours & Owls, established a reputation for throwing the best dance party in the country and supported the likes of Slowly Slowly, Sports Bra and RAAVE TAPES. On top of all that, they premiered their debut single Walk Away direct to Triple J's Home & Hosed last night and today landed the national tour support for Canberra's Moaning Lisa.  

It's an impressive start to a career to say the least, though one that is explained within seconds of hitting play on Walk Away

An explosion of sound hard to first comprehend, Walk Away, is a ride. Post-punk smashes into pristine pop as vocalist Heather Riley (they/them) absolutely soars on some of the most impressive pipes in the current Australian music landscape. Reference points for landing their sound fall as far and wide as Future Islands and Shihad, yet no matter how challenging... Cry Club and Walk Away works and works gloriously. 

Written at the height of last year's plebiscite, Walk Away, details a terrible reveal of bigotry in a family member. Of the meaning behind the song Riley states: 

"I had coffee with a relative who was like ‘you know I love you, but I’m absolutely voting no'. We argued about it for ages because like, if they meant that, they wouldn’t be acting like this."

Walk Away captures that anger and throws it at a wall in the most beautiful expression of being done. 

Having formed in only January of this year after bonding over a mutual love of crying, Cry Club, are easily one of the most exciting new bands in the country. 

Follow along with all things Cry Club right here. 

And catch Cry Club at a plethora of dates right around the country real soon:

July 28, 2018 – Take Care Fest, Wollongong – with Sports Bra, Good Pash
August 10, 2018 – Waywards, Sydney – with Moaning Lisa
August 16, 2018 – Old Bar, Melbourne – with Moaning Lisa
September 4-7, 2018 – BIGSOUND, Brisbane
September 30, 2018 – Yours and Owls Festival, Wollongong

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