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Speaking Our Mind On Nyck's Debut Alive

Speaking Our Mind On Nyck's Debut Alive

There's something simple, honest and beautiful to Melbourne duo Nyck's song writing that electrifies every hair on your body, humbles and completely floors you. Every key struck strikes hard. For our debut review, we dive deep into Alive the debut EP from Nyck.

Formed in 2016 with the ambition of stripping music back to it's bare bones, the duo comprised of Nicholas Acquroff and Dominique Garrard have had a momentous ride. Major radio airplay for all three singles to date, a national tour support with Amy Shark and recently signing to both booking agency Select Music and record label 100s + 1000s, the newest branch of Mushroom Group. Anticipation for a body of work beyond a single from the duo was real and Alive doesn't put a single foot in the direction of disappointment. 

Leading with their first two singles is like being dropped into a cup of audible  hot chocolate. These are songs I have listened to time and time again with opening track Speak My Mind, the group's sophomore single and a gut wrenching calling card to honesty in a relationship, losing none of it's wonderment along the listens. Whilst debut single, Decision, stands in a league of it's own when it comes to introductions to a band. The first time I heard the song I found myself completely in awe, racking up the single on repeat for what felt like a thousand times on the Triple J Unearthed Jukebox. Meticulously constructed, heartbreaking  and untouchable. Decision is a song, like very few others, that I will standby and say is actual perfection. 

This however is all well worn territory, Alive, truly begins to hit it's stride with the galloping epic that is Resident. Lyrically raw and resonating with questions of aging, identity and self-worth, Resident, is the standout moment on EP.  Building, snowballing and breaking this is a special song that shows just how big you can build on songwriting fundamentals and sparsity.

Latest single This Might Be My Year, shines into the album with an uplifting energy. Clicks, claps, big synths and beautiful harmonies draw you into the song evoking a hope in you reminiscent of an Arcade Fire classic being belted out by two people. 

The Summer Inside, the final song on the EP is wrapped in what sounds to be samples from a hospital visit to Acquroff's grandmother providing some beautiful life insights before giving a platform for Garrad's vocals to truly flex finishing the release on a note of soul and polish.

Alive is an exciting first release from a duo with a big future. The EP speaks in volumes about the power of simplicity and honesty in songwriting as it draws you into it and tugs at all the emotional heartstrings you have. Beautiful stuff.  

Follow the band: www.facebook.com/nyckmusic

Listen to Alive via: www.nyck.com.au


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